For class/grade coordinators, please follow these scheduling procedures

  1. Meet/email with your teacher to discuss best teaching time and day for lessons (remind teachers to check for field trips and scheduled assemblies). Remind your teacher that the lessons are created to take between 60 and 90 minutes. Try to schedule a 90 minute block of time with your teacher for each lesson.
  2. Encourage lessons to be scheduled earlier in the lesson timeframe. This enables you to reschedule if conflicts occur.
  3. Confirm time/day that works for all classroom volunteers.
  4. Check on the calendar below to see that the time/day is available.
  5. Schedule all six lessons and prep lessons (within the lesson timeline) with the Scheduling Coordinator via email. Remember that no two lessons in a single grade level can be scheduled at the same time. However, lessons from different grade levels may occupy the same time. Prep meetings will meet in M-1. Supply bins will also be kept in this room as well.
  6. Please email and confirm with the scheduling coordinator to cancel or change any scheduled lesson.

Please honor the timelines listed below. Supplies are only allocated for the dates listed.

Lesson # Grade Level Prep Meetings Teach Lesson
1 8/6 (Mon) – 8/10 (Fri) 8/13(Mon) – 8/29 (Wed)
2 9/4 (Tue) – 9/7 (Fri)  9/10 (Mon) – 9/26 (Wed) 
3 10/17 (Wed) – 10/23 (Tue)  10/24 (Wed) – 11/3 (Wed)     
4 11/13 (Tue) – 11/21 (Wed) 11/26 (Mon) – 12/12 (Wed)
5 12/14 (Fri) – 12/20 (Thu) 1/8 (Tue) – 1/30 (Wed) 
6 2/4 (Mon) – 2/8 (Fri)       2/11 (Mon) – 3/8 (Fri)  
ARTS NIGHT, Thursday, April 5, 2016, 5:00-7:30

(Prep is 3/26-4/10)