Meet The PTO

2022-2023 KGA PTO Board Members

My kids are Taylan (12 years old 7th grade at Payne, KGA grad) Alyvia (11 years old 6th grade) Alexa (4 years old Kinder) and Rylan 3 years old
My Dream job is: Full Time Crafter and Baker
My Real job is: Pediatrician
My secret super power is: I can survive on 3-4 hours of sleep so I get more hours in a day!!!
My favorite subject is: Science

Mariah Scott


My daughter is in 5th Grade
My dream job is: Professional Golfer
My real job is: Construction Management
My secret super power is: spreadsheets
My favorite subject is: Science

Ben Shunk


I have twins in 2nd grade and a 3rd grader.
My Dream job is to to travel around the world and learn about the different cultures.
My Real job is a Software Engineer
My secret super power is Multilingual. I am fluent in 4 different languages.
My favorite subject is: Foreign Language! I’m working on learning my 5th/6th language.

Beatrice Seyffert

Vice President of Communications and Social Media

Vayden is in 6th grade at Knox
My Dream job is: I was an ice Skater would have been cool to be an ice skater still
My Real job is: Self-employed
My secret super power is: Very Organized and cleanliness
My favorite subject is: Math

Emily Machonga

Vice President of Events

I have a 1st grade son this year, his name is Ira , and KinderCat daughter Fiona.
My Dream Job is a Financial Advisor
My real Job is a Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch ( It is fun and motivating to do my dream job )
My secret power is : My ears can stop working when my kids are arguing .
My favorite subjects : How to make money work for us ( my work ) and how to make my children listen ( my struggle)

Jenny Yuan


I have three girls, 2 are still at KGA, 4th and 3rd grades. The other is a 7th grader and KGA grad
My Dream job is: Cruising-on-a-sailboat mom
My Real job is: Stay-at-home mom
My secret super power is: Churning homemade ice cream
My favorite subject is: Science

Jessica Rawlings


Judye Coombs

Co-Vice President

Hong You

Co-Vice President

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