Meet The PTO

2020-2021 KGA PTO Board Members

My kids are Taylan (10 years old 5th grade) Alyvia (9 years old 4th grade) Alexa 4 years old and Rylan 2 years old
My Dream job is: Full Time Crafter and Baker
My Real job is: Pediatrician
My secret super power is: I can survive on 3-4 hours of sleep so I get more hours in a day!!!
My favorite subject is: Science
Mariah Scott


My daughter is in Third Grade
My dream job is: Professional Golfer
My real job is: Construction Management
My secret super power is: spreadsheets
My favorite subject is: Science
Ben Shunk


I have twins at First Grade and a KinderCat
My Dream job is to to travel around the world and learn about the different cultures.
My Real job is a Software Engineer
My secret super power is Multilingual. I am fluent in 4 different languages.
My favorite subject is: Foreign Language! I’m working on learning my 5th/6th language.
Beatrice Seyffert

Vice President of Communications and Social Media

Vayden is in 4th grade at Knox
My Dream job is: I was an ice Skater would have been cool to be an ice skater still
My Real job is: Self-employed
My secret super power is: Very Organized and cleanliness
My favorite subject is: Math
Emily Machonga

Vice President of Events

I have a KinderCat son this year, his name is Ira , and hopefully my daughter Fiona can be next year’s KinderCat.
My Dream Job is a Financial Advisor
My real Job is a Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch ( It is fun and motivating to do my dream job )
My secret power is : My ears can stop working when my kids are arguing .
My favorite subjects : How to make money work for us ( my work ) and how to make my children listen ( my struggle)
Jenny Yuan


I have three girls at KGA in 5th, 2nd, and 1st grades.
My Dream job is: Cruising-on-a-sailboat mom
My Real job is: Stay-at-home mom
My secret super power is: Churning homemade ice cream
My favorite subject is: Science
Jessica Rawlings


I have a 3rd grader (Cal) & a 1st grader AJ
My Dream Job is Building Custom Houses in a exotic location
My Real Job is Project Manager for August Building Company
My secret super power: I have amazing memory
My favorite subject is: History
Matthew Shrophire

Vice President of Staff Appreciation

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