KGA Scholastic Book Fair

The KGA Scholastic Arctic Adventure Fall Book Fair starts Monday! You can come by, shop online, or send in money with your student. Your student is welcome to visit the book fair anytime their teacher allows.  The Book Fair will also be open Friday during Family Breakfast! 

Book Fair Hours:   
Monday September 23rd:  10:00 – 4:30
Tuesday September 24th:  10:00 – 6:00
Wednesday September 25th:  10:00 – 6:00
Thursday September 26th:  10:00 – 4:30
Friday September 27th:  8:00 – 1:30 Shop during Family Breakfast!

Payment Options: 
1.  Cash Payment –  Send in money in a baggie or envelope with your students name on it.  We use the bag to return your change to you.    
2.  Check –  Please make checks out to KGA PTO and fill it out for the amount that your child can spend.  We can give cash change for a check up to $20.  Please do not send a blank check!  
3.  eWallet –  This is a great new option for sending in money for your child.  Set up your child’s eWallet here!  With eWallet, you can pre-authorize money online for your child to spend at the book fair.  You decide how much your child has to spend, and when they come to the book fair, that amount will be available under your child’s name, through our registers!  There will be a temporary pre-authorization on your credit card for the amount you choose, but you will only be charged for the amount your child actually spends. 

We still have many opportunities for you volunteer and help during the book fair.  Sign up here! 

Thank you so much for supporting the book fair and helping promote literacy for our kids!